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Projects Planning, Tracking and Workflow.

Projects Planning, Tracking and Workflow.

WorkCollaboration provides platform and dashboard for planning, progress tracking and communication. Define strategy, create project plan, assign tasks and communicate with your team and clients until projects are done using built-in workflow engine. HRIS [human resources management system] module will let you find employee or contractors for your project. Talent and skills management ready. Our performance tracking and timesheets will help you to complete projects on budget. WCS is team collaboration server.

CMS content management system. Version control.

CMS content management system. Version control.

WorkCollaboration CMS has its own built-in content management system with full set of modules allowing to create in a matter of minutes your own online portals and intranet sites, eBooks and video libraries of any size that can be shared over the internet, private or public forums with easy to setup categories and membership module to invite your clients and friends , article libraries, photo albums. Document management system [version control] and much more. WCS is collaborative CMS. As courtesy of WCS you get free Dynamic DNS client.

Email Client and Alerts. Free email account for businesses.

Email Client and Alerts. Free email account for businesses.

Built-in email client sends you an email to subscribers and users. Accessibility via mobile devices allows replying to these notifications to post comments, or send new email messages to create tasks and start meetings or conference calls. For premium business accounts we provide free email accounts to handle all you business needs.

Extendibility, Modulation and Security.

Extendibility, Modulation and Security.

Use selected modules to work exactly how you want it to. Feel free to integrate with other tools such as MS Office or your custom system and tools. Dynamic ad-hoc reporting with export to PDF or Excel. Built-in triple SSL protection for your data and portals. Organize any type of events and invite to your event portal created by CMS module.

Real-time Collaboration. HD video conference.

Real-time Collaboration. HD video conference.

Contact management [CRM] features will help you to be in sync with your associates and clients, assign multiple tasks to multiple teams within multiple departments, securely share data and files, get notified of events and milestones, discuss and comment, keep track of your sales and marketing activities. Our secure IM [instant messenger] and video conference chat module allows your team and clients to join you on the fly and share any content during event.

Save Time and Money.

Save Time and Money.

WorkCollaboration has a number of tools that save your time. Use dynamic project template builder, easily control and track your calendar, schedule milestones and tasks, quickly add new tasks and online meetings and more. Save using PinMail to avoid texting charges. WCS is free for individuals and nonprofit and charity organizations. See comparisons to other project management systems.

Unique Mobility. Virtual Office and Workspaces.

Unique Mobility. Virtual Office and Workspaces.

Install WCS Virtual Collaboration Server on any PC or Laptop or even any type of external drive and invite people to work with you. System can run behind your company's firewall or globally on any Windows, MAC or Linux operating systems. It’s a real virtual office where you can make multiple users working on one PC or laptop. Use flexible roles and permissions to for each module of Project management or Content management system. We took care of your virtual needs.

Case Studies.

Case Studies.

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