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Best Enteprise Resource Planning systems

By Chloe Shvirmann | Published: 7/29/2016

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)



Replaces Microsoft Dynamics ($27,150 and up), SAP (prices vary)

OpenERP promises "beautiful business applications" for CRM, point of sale, accounting, project management, HR, warehouse, sales, manufacturing, purchasing and more. You can download the free community version, purchase support from a partner, or use the cloud version for a monthly fee. Operating System: Windows, Linux



Replaces Microsoft Dynamics ($27,150 and up), SAP (prices vary)

This popular open source ERP solution offers tools for retailers, distribution, manufacturing, services and coworking. A variety of on-premise and cloud-based deployments are available with both commercial and open source licenses. Operating System: OS Independent


Ekonnekt Collaboration System

Ekonnekt provides all the modules of Collaborative Enterprise Resource Planning system with built-in functionality of CRM, Inventory, Orders, Sales, HR, warehouse, sales, manufacturing, purchasing, promotions to manage your client base, to define processes engaging clients as per your company needs. The administrative panel allows to create everything your need for your workflow on the fly without affecting your data and users and clients. Built-in Email Marketing and analytics with built-in survey and feedback tools for you to understand customer trends and react accordingly.

As part of Ekonnekt's offering which is subscription based ($20 per server plus $5 per user a month with no contracts if you land with SaaS on-premises Ekonnekt's Private Cloud (installation is required) or starting from $7 per user per month fully functional Mobile ERP (no installation required) ) as part of the package you will get Project Management, Content Management and Web Conferencing components via SaaS (on-premises) or Mobile version which can be hosted either on Shared Cloud, Private Cloud or dedicated server.

Ekonnekt's unique email client allows companies to communicate more efficiently. Built-in SMS functionality at no charge for all our clients.

For all your processes, requests, work items, tasks, meetings, marketing campaigns in any form CMMI or Agile. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Virtual, Mobile (no app installation required)



Replaces Microsoft Dynamics ($27,150 and up), SAP (prices vary)

Developed by a very active community, ADempiere offers a full suite of ERP capabilities that integrate with other open source applications. It includes functionality for HR, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, materials, finance, maintenance and project management. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others


Apache OFBiz

Replaces NetSuite ($999 and up), Sage One ($24 per user per month and up)

Offering "enterprise automation," Apache OFBiz includes CRM, e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing, maintenance management, and point of sale capabilities, as well as traditional ERP features. It boasts flexibility and low total cost of ownership. Operating System: OS Independent



Replaces Rosetta Stone Japanese ($379)

Another simplified foreign language study tool, Zkanji teaches you Japanese characters and words, including stroke directions for forming characters. The dictionary is very extensive, and the helpful flashcard tool automatically tests you more often on the words you don't know as well. Operating System: Windows.



Replaces Rosetta Stone Chinese ($499)

Another option for students of the Chinese language, ZWDisplay uses color creatively to help reinforce concepts learned. Like the other apps in this category, it includes both a dictionary and flashcard capabilities. Operating System: Linux

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